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Fully Managed Hosting

Most fully managed hosting providers will utilize VPS’s (virtual private servers) and Intaprise is no different.

Benefits of Fully Managed Hosting

  • Free up your time for other tasks – Learning server management is hard and ever changing so requires constant attention.
  • Tech support – Someone will be fixing your problem before you or your customers even knew there was one.
  • No maintenance to worry about – Server load, updates and maintenance is all done in the background by the experts.

Intaprise fully managed hosting accounts are setup and monitored by our experts and you will not have access to any kind of control panel (except for FTP or your CMS e.g. WordPress Admin if required).

Self Managed Hosting

With a self managed hosting account you will usually be provided with access to a management portal like Cpanel or Plesk.

Benefits of Self Managed Hosting

  • Customization – You are in full control of every aspect and are free to install whatever software you need.
  • Lower cost – Of course with nobody but you managing the server there is a lower cost.
  • Self reliance – If you know what you are doing and need something done quick, just login and have it done just as fast as if you relayed the information to support staff.


Cpanel Video Tutorials: https://www.cpanel.com/products/cpanelwhm/cpanel11/tutorials.html

When you sign up to an Intaprise self managed hosting account, you will get access to a Cpanel control panel but we will also be on hand to help with setup and to deal with any technical issues you may have.