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First impressions matter

Who would you likely choose to contact for help with your finances: john@thebestfinancepro.com or jdog99@gmail.com?

Consumers surveyed by web security company Verisign shows that “65 percent of consumers believe a company-branded email is more credible than a business using a free email account”.

Show you mean business

A branded email shows that your business is established and professional. Once you have your domain name you can setup different email aliases like sales@yourbusiness.com or firstname.lastname@yourbusiness.com so that everyone in your organization has a professional and unified email address format. You can use these to improve the efficiency in your business by making sure emails go to the right person the first time.

Build trust and credibility

Consumers need to know they can trust you, and when they see an email address that could have been created anonymously in 10 seconds for free, they really have no idea if they can. When someone sees your businesses domain name in their email inbox they will recognize it immediately and there is less of a chance that your emails will end up in someones spam folder.

How do I get my professional email address?

If you are currently using a free generic gmail, hotmail or similar email address in your business, it really is something you should get sorted today.

Intaprise provides professional email hosting plans at very low cost. You may also need a domain name which we can also help you with.