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Toll free numbers can be easier to remember

Even if you do not have a premium number (with a smart keyword like 1800CATDOG), a number that starts with 1800 for example means that there will be less digits to remember. This can be especially important if you advertise anywhere a potential customer might have limited time to remember or jot your number down such as tv ads, radio ads, billboards or other outdoor or moving advertising.

Brand perception

Offering customers a free or low cost way to call your business will help to show that you care about customer service, shows that you are well established and less likely to be a fly by night-er. Many customers feel that a larger, maybe national or well known brand can be trusted more than a small local provider so a toll free number can help you to get more calls from customers like this.

Good for businesses with a wide service area

Customers can often tell that a particular phone number is not from anywhere near them and that will reduce the number of phone calls you will receive as they assume you are not able to service them at their location. If you have a business that services multiple locations but phone calls are handled from a central office, a toll free or non location based phone number is something you pretty much have to have.

Call tracking

You can acquire multiple phone numbers and use a different one for each marketing channel or campaign. Once you have this setup you can use the data to improve your marketing efforts and increase your sales or reduce any wasted marketing expense.

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